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To help you make the most of your holiday in our trulli, please read our recommendations carefully.

Our trulli are homes and dwellings located in a peaceful and welcoming countryside setting. They are not hotels or resorts and will be your home for as long as you book them. There are certain characteristics which you should bear in mind, but if you follow our indications, you will be able to enjoy an unforgettable experience, have fun and our environment and nature will thank you for it.

Being out in the countryside, some trulli are not connected to the mains water supply. Drinking water is purchased and stored in underground cisterns, so you will need to use bottled water to drink. You can cook and wash with water from the cistern without any problems, but in these areas water is a precious commodity, so please try not to waste any of it. Please remember to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, have short showers and wash your salad in a container, not under a running tap.

If possible, try to use compostable plates and cutlery. For household waste, most municipalities have separate door-to-door waste collection: please ask the landlords or the service staff how this works. Out of respect for your hosts, please make sure you treat this trullo with the same care and attention as you would your own home.

Nature here is in a healthy state and biodiversity is very much alive and well in our countryside. You might find that an insect, a lizard, a cricket or a moth has got into the house. Please do not be frightened by them, they are all harmless creatures. Instead of using chemical insecticides, use a dustpan and broom to remove them – our environment and our nature will thank you for it.

We do everything to make your stay pleasant and relaxing, and we make sure that we respond promptly to any rare minor glitches that occur – a lock that has seized up, a light bulb that has burnt out, wi-fi that goes down. However, most inconveniences are beyond our control (for example, if there is a sudden thunderstorm, the power can even be cut off for an hour or two), but we will always be there to help you solve any hassles.

Try to be patient and enjoy everything your holiday has to offer: comfort and good taste in the trulli, great food and wine, starry skies, fiery sunsets, the scent of flowers and wild herbs, breathtaking views and unforgettable landscapes, the local people‘s friendliness and helpfulness.

We work on your behalf to ensure your well-being and satisfaction, and we want you to enjoy your holiday in Puglia. We are flexible and very helpful. Ask for service staff to come to your aid if necessary and indispensable, but please bear in mind that ours is not an instant hotel service.

If you want to be completely cut off and distanced from everything and everyone, then please feel free to point it out to us because ours is a bustling, quite densely populated countryside. You can enjoy all the privacy you require because all the trulli have large gardens and plenty of private space reserved exclusively for you and your loved ones, but it may happen that a neighbour (but never within 50 metres) will throw a summer party and, if you haven’t been invited, you can enjoy their music and celebrations from afar.

We wish you a happy and relaxing holiday and remain at your disposal for any issues that might arise.


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