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15 November 2018

Puglia’s autumn and winter events

<Puglia is great for visitors all year round>. Rosa is chatting on the cellphone to her friend. <Come and try it out for yourself, you won’t regret it>.

<What for? We can’t go for a swim, you know what a wonderful time I had down there with you in the summer. It’s cold now>.

<Are you kidding? People here are still walking round in shorts. Puglia is still beautiful even when the vine leaves turn that spectacular shade of crimson. Listen, let’s book a night in a trullo>.

<In a trullo? Are you trying to tempt me?>.

<Let me be even more devious then! Come to Conversano near Bari, where they’re putting on Novello Beneath The Castle, a gourmet harvest festival of chestnuts and wine>.

<Oh, so we’re going to be doing some drinking are we?>

<You bet we are, as much as you can handle!>

<I like the sound of that! What else is happening?>

<In Locorotondo there’ll be La Notte dei Giganti [the Night of the Giants], a Stilt Festival.

In Ostuni, again in November, there’s the Street Art Festival>.

<Wow. You never cease to amaze me. So what exactly goes on?>. 

<There are some great events, with Street Bands, Mime, Freestyle, Juggling, Local arts and crafts and Apulian food and wine, served at stalls and at open-air restaurants. You can eat orecchiette with turnip tops, fresh pasta, pulses, sandwiches filled with sun-dried tomatoes would you believe it – the ones you tried this summer, remember?>.

<I love ’em. And what about burrata?>.

<Of course! And meat kebabs, parmigiana, all the finest foods from Puglia>.

<And wine>.

<Yes, loads of Vin nouveau. Don’t tell me you’re still thinking about that?>.

<I’m already online looking for a bargain flight!>.

<That’s what i like to hear. And it’s more than just eating and drinking of course>.

<Well, yes, as a matter of fact, I’ve been looking up that luscious lifeguard I took a fancy to when we went down there…>.

<Oi, that’s not what I was referring to – you behave! I meant that it’s not just gastronomic harvest festivals, but also events to get to know the cultural heritage better>.

<Puglia is splendid, it doesn’t really even need promoting>.

<Yes I know, thanks! But we Apulians like to think we can keep on improving>. They laugh. <Anyway, there is so much to do, excursions to ancient masserias, guided tours of castles, basilicas, cathedrals and ancient churches, where there’s always something going on>.

<Sounds wonderful! I hope my mum can look after my son>.

<Come on, bring him with you, there are so many playgroups and workshops for little ones and theatre shows just for them. There’s something for everyone! Or else you could come in December, in Ceglie Messapica there’s a Magical Christmas village. Music everywhere, Santa’s sleigh and Christmas Markets overflowing with stalls, with local delicacies and much more.>

<Right, I’ll be getting to the airport at 11:25 on the 15th of November. Can you come and pick me up?>.

<Are you looking at the flight times?>

<I’ve already booked, no need to wait a moment longer! And I’ve found some bargain flights so I’ll be coming back down in December as well. I’m going to be a regular guest at your place, sweetheart>.

<What about your son?>.

<I’ll come down on my own the first time. I gave the lifeguard a Like, let’s see if he gets back to me>.

<You’re incorrigible, you!>.

<I liked the way he promoted the Apulian coastline>.

<Yes, I did realise that’s what you meant, you monkey>.

They giggle, one looking forward to spending time with her best friend, the other to be coming back to her beloved Puglia.