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Living in a trullo, is a unique experience

Little rooms with a domed ceiling; conical roofs built out of blocks of white calcareous stone, crowned by curious pinnacles of all different shapes; metre-thick walls, either white or in warm colours, which keep the inside cool during the heat of summer, but warm in winter; recesses in the walls used for shelving and cupboard space; set in pleasant age-old welcoming countryside, with an assortment of seasonal fragrances.

Vigne di Salamina
Pezze di Greco
Trullo Bella Vita Deluxe
San Michele Salentino


In the scenic Itria Valley, a group of friends, filled with love for the area, decided to restore and live in a physical and emotional space, using thought and action to choose true alternatives to the everyday homes available.

Living and working, sharing their homes and knowledge with anyone looking forward to travelling to, exploring and staying in the area – that is the spirit that unites your hosts.


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    Innamorati di trulli on line dallo scorso settembre, quest’anno abbiamo voluto replicare e fare una lunga vacanza lavoro. Perché non provare? Eravamo alla frutta! Bene, Vigne di Salamina è un sogno che si realizza, una promessa mantenuta! Abbiamo potuto lavorare come da casa( grazie Nicla X il tuo darti d’affare oltre l’impossibile!). Tu e Rudy ci avete accolto nel vostro sogno, che è diventato anche il nostro, ci avete circondato di profumi, attenzioni, sorrisi e di grande bellezza quotidiana! Esperienza che mai dimenticheremo (tanto che a settembre vi invadiamo di...
    PatFran e Mel3 July 2022
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Our Trulli

These homes, with their elegant spacious rooms, are the perfect choice for visitors looking for exclusive accommodation, with premier services and amenities.

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Services for you

Book with us mini cruises and boat trips, zero-mileage products tastings, wine tasting, bike tours and much more to make your holiday in Puglia even more exciting.

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Discover Apulia: the main destinations to visit, tastes to savor, sports, experiences to do and much more!

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Chef on request

On request, lunch and dinner can be served at all our holiday homes, with several menus based on typical seasonal products.

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